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  1. Setting up home studio with MOTU 828 MK2, Presonus Digimax 96k and Logic 8

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    Hi everyone, I'm trying to setup a MOTU and Presonus with Logic to record, and need some help with getting everything configured properly. Right now, I have t

    Rss viewed 4659 times | asked by Danny 1092 day 12 h

  2. How Can I get my external Microphone to work with Sonar LE?

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    I Just bought a Audio technica AT2041SP Studio pack and it came with The sonar LE software. I already have a M-Audio Fast track USB audio interface and the mic

    Rss viewed 2734 times | asked by C Rich 1153 day 12 h

  3. How do I hook up an external mic pre with a recording interface?

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    This might sound like a stupid question, but I've never used external gear with my Presonus interface before and I'm a bit confused with how to hook stuff up. I

    Rss viewed 13726 times | asked by Martin Swain 1504 day 23 h

  4. What interface is working well for you with your iMac?

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    Absolutely have had it with trying to make my Presonus Audiobox USB work right with my new iMac or old PC! It'll work fine one session, and then the next; nothi

    Rss viewed 3791 times | asked by Scottie James 1437 day 0 h

  5. What is the difference between a firewire interface and USB?

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    I was wondering if there was an advantage to using one over the other. Are there any disadvantages to one interface over the other?

    Rss viewed 3937 times | asked by Bring Money 1622 day 23 h

  6. How can I setup my equipment to simultaneously hear the previous tracks and new tracks?

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    I would like to set up recording microphones so I can simultaneously hear the previous tracks as well as the track I am currently recording. I use a MacBook wit

    Rss viewed 2638 times | asked by Tim Carter 1645 day 22 h

  7. I need a USB guitar adapter, and I can't seem to find it...

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    I need to find an adapter so that I can plug my guitar cable (1/4") into it, and plug the adapter into my USB port. Has anyone heard of this type of adapter, be

    Rss viewed 6823 times | asked by GTRTG 1685 day 18 h

  8. What recording equipment is simple to use and has quality most similar to a reel to reel?

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    What modern audio equipment out there can best replicate the sound of older reel to reel recorders?

    Rss viewed 3201 times | asked by Community 1687 day 14 h

  9. Trying to daisy chain audio interfaces

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    I am trying to link a tascam us 144 mkII to a M-Audio fast track ultra through the s/pdif and I cant get it to work. Any Ideas?

    Rss viewed 4982 times | asked by caleb 1707 day 13 h

  10. What audio interface are you using?

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    I'm just wondering what audio interfaces other people have and are using these days.I'm still running a Motu 828 MKII, and I'd love to head what you have.

    Rss viewed 8996 times | asked by Justin Vencel 1804 day 21 h

  11. suggested pre amp/interface for mojave MA 200

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    Just got my mojave, Indamixx Netbook Portable Studio What pre amp or interface do u suggest i need to push the power needed for this mic?

    Rss viewed 5674 times | asked by skillz 1793 day 23 h

  12. Has anyone had a chance to use the new Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56?

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    I just saw this product for the first time, and it looks awesome! Does anyone know how this stacks up with the original Liquid Channel units?

    Rss viewed 5028 times | asked by Justin Vencel 1793 day 21 h

  13. Anyone Know if The PRofire 2626 io will work with pro tools LE or is it only M-powered?

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    I have been useing Logic Pro and I just recently installed Pro Tools 8LE on my computer. Since Digidesign is such a propriatary company I need to get an interfa

    Rss viewed 5037 times | asked by Liquid Vibe 1799 day 23 h

  14. Why do I only hear vocals out of the right side?

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    im learning to use acid pro and after i record i can only hear my vocals out of the right side of my head do i fix this?  using audacity its

    Rss viewed 13561 times | asked by zach 1807 day 0 h

  15. settings on interface?

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    i use M audio fast track pro, wondering the best settings for vocals on an interface? and is it better to have it turned up to where its equal to the music, les

    Rss viewed 1437 times | asked by zach 1807 day 15 h